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GiftPlus is a computer system that facilitates comprehensive and efficient management of gift cards utilising the advantages of the Internet and network infrastructure.
Thanks to its versatility, carefully designed architecture and the Software as a Service formula, GiftPlus enables simultaneous operation of an unlimited number of POSs and handling of an unlimited number of gift cards.
Depending on the needs of an Issuer, the functionality of a gift card may be adjusted to that Issuer’s individual business objectives. 

GiftPay is a module enabling online payment in the Issuer’s Internet shop using gift cards. This system makes it possible to use a gift card as a convenient form of payment that is an alternative for a pay card or money more

Customer’s Module makes it possible for the card owner to check his/her basic card parameters such as balances, validity dates and the history of transactions. The module is prepared in the way that facilitates its easy implementation on the Issuer’s more

Designer is a module that makes it possible for the Issuer’s Customers to create their own gift or loyalty cards with unique design and text.
Designing the card, the Customer may use graphic elements provided by the Issuer in the form of a library accessed at the level of the module or may use his/her own graphic more

The eCodes module makes it possible for the Issuer to issue gift cards in the virtual form by generating their numbers from the level of the GiftPlus system. The module provides the possibility of both generating the numbers individually or in series. The codes generated in this way may be then provided, for example to a corporate client, in an electronic more

 The introduction of Gift Cards provides the Issuer with the possibility of presenting its offer outside of its outlets. Thanks to the integration of the GiftPlus system with the Blackhawk Network distribution system, there arises the possibility of selling the Issuer’s gift cards throughout the large network of over 2000 points of sale in the territory of Poland, e.g. within the Kolporter network, and, by the end of 2015 within Carrefour and Matras networks as more

LoyaltyPlus is an Issuer’s loyalty programmes management tool that considers individual needs and objectives of a marketing action, the specificity of the Issuer and the structure of the campaign’s more

In case the Issuer’s expectations related to the System’s functionality go beyond its standard capabilities we will be only too willing to help you create a customised marketing more

GiftPlus was prepared to meet the expectations of Issuers with varied business profiles. The System is prepared both for sales outlets where building the rapport with a Customer is of importance and for discount networks where Customer service time is more