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Swedish chain of Duka initiated its activity as Duka Polska in Warsaw in 1999 and at present it possesses 38 shops located in the biggest shopping centres in all major cities in Poland. The chain is complemented by an elegant Internet shop.
In Duka shops Customers may find a selection of kitchenware, china, silverware and glass tableware. Seasonal collections of textiles, decorations and accessories help create a unique atmosphere in each kitchen and dining room.

The basic expectation of Duka presented to the AC Solutions team was the exchange of gift cards handling system in order to achieve broader functionality and reliability of the system while taking over the administration of the cards issued already. The Investor expected ArgoCard to maintain the existing numeration and access to card transactions history as it was before the system replacement.

The System started in April 2011 and it is our oldest instance of gift cards management. We are particularly proud of this implementation because our co-operation with Duka has been appreciated by the new owner of the Company. Following Duka’s takeover by Grass Sp. z o.o. Group in 2015, the new owner decided to activate the GiftPlus in another brand it controlled, namely House&More.