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Matras is the leading distributor of books on Polish market. In its bookstores all over Poland, Matras offers over 130 000 titles and a few million copies of books from literature, through biographies to books for children. The chain’s offer is addressed to readers with various interests.

Matras chain comprises 180 shops and a modern Internet shop.

The business objective that played the key role in making Matras implement the GiftPlus system was to introduce gift cards as a universal gift for persons who are dear to others. Market research indicated that bookshops were the places where customers looked for gift cards most often.

Matras required for the buyers to be able to process their transactions using gift cards via payment terminal provided by the Polskie ePłatności [Polish ePayments] company. Due to the fact that the interface model was not typical at that time, as part of the project, a pre-implementation analysis had been executed, where one of the results was that Argo Card prepared a PGC communication interface to process transactions in cooperation with the payment terminal.

8 weeks passed from the commencement of the project to the operational activation of GiftPlus system, in November 2013. At present, the system employs approximately 350 POS terminals.

Through the GiftPay module, the GiftPlus system also handles the gift card payments for the purchases via the internet shop.

In 2015, Matras gift cards were introduced on the Blackhawk Network (BHN) platform, an international operator of gift cards distribution.
To achieve the above, a large modification of GiftPlus system took place to enable the communication between GiftPlus and the global BHN system and to introduce Matras to a new, globally unique numeration of gift cards based on INN numbers.