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Sport Shops of Olimp commenced their activity in the beginning of 1990s. The first shop of the chain was opened on July 15, 1991 in Olsztyn. The next years saw the opening of next shops.
At present, Olimp has 26 shops and 9 Internet shops. The shops of particular locations represent various brands depending on the assortment they offer, e.g. Sklep Sportowy [Sport Shop], Sklep Siatkarza [Volleyballer’s Shop], Sklep Biegowy [Runner’s Shop], Sklep Koszykarza [Basketballer’s Shop], Sklep Piłkarza [Footballer’s Shop], WorldBox (footwear) etc.

The basic objective the Company posed to the GiftPlus system was to handle goods returns using gift cards. The Company proposed a solution that had never been applied before, to differentiate the card depending on its purpose. The cards handling the return of goods would be valid only for three months and the gift cards bought as traditional gifts would be valid for 12 months. Due to the fact that there are 10 different brands presented by Olimp Sport Shops on the market, both cards and their carriers have different graphic designs which, however, does not affect the location of the use of the cards. Therefore, a gift recipient, e.g. a football fan will appreciate such personalised gift even more.

The System was activated in 2014. The System activity statistics confirm the right solution and Customers’ acceptance of this novel application of gift cards by Olimp Sport Shops.
l application of gift cards by Olimp Sport Shops.