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“Piotr i Paweł” [Peter and Paul] is a chain of food hypermarkets operating on the Polish since 1990. Today, over one hundred shops are present in a few dozens of cities and towns all over the country. The average sale area is 1100 m2, and the assortment reaches 15 000 items. Customers visit “Piotr i Paweł” because they feel most appreciated in the shops. Here, they can be sure of the wide selection of high quality products and an exquisitely friendly atmosphere while shopping.

With its expectations related to gift cards management “Piotr i Paweł” practically adapted GiftPlus to yet another large market of FMCGs. The changes introduced into the system allowed for the administration of gift cards from the level of the HyperMarket sales system created by NET Innovation Software and made it possible for the particular shop managers to order gift cards independently, directly from the manufacturer, thus supplying the gift cards stocks as needed. Cards ordered in this manner find their way straight from ArgoCard to a particular shop.

The tool used in the mutual reconciliation of balances by franchise outlets, without the participation of the headquarters, is the next innovative solution in GiftPlus. The Investor expected a mechanism of clear monthly transfers of resources from the shop that sold the card to the shop where it was redeemed.

Piotr i Paweł gift cards may also be redeemed in Internet shops of particular companies and the mechanism of group activations enables their sale on the B2B market.

The project milestones specified the performance of the pre-implementation analysis, the introduction of the necessary modifications of the GiftPlus system, the integration with the HiperMarket system, with the Internet shop and the access control system, the manufacture and supply of 100 thousand cards in four designs and the execution of training for four groups of users, all in two and a half months.
Owing to good co-operation of all the involved parties, the operating version of the system was initiated in accordance with the m