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Recman brand is an example of modern elegance. The brand concept was created in 1986 with the establishment of a family tailor workshop specializing in making male clothes. The dynamic development of the company resulted in the present team of a few hundred experienced experts involved in the work on particular collections. Suits and suit jackets made in Poland of highest quality textiles are the flagship products of Recman brand. The assortment also includes shirts, trousers, jackets, coats, sweaters and sweatshirts, lingerie, footwear and various accessories.
RECMAN brand chain consists of 73 outlets and an Internet shop.

The basic objective of the introduction of the gift card for Recman was to offer the Customers a present that would also be an invitation to choose elegant clothes that would underline the individual needs of the gift recipient.
Due to the fact that the shop personnel also plays the role of advisors and a longer contact with customers facilitates the creation of trade rapport, Recman chose to access the system through a web browser on POS terminals.
This is the fastest and the cheapest form of implementing GiftPlus gift card handling system.

The GiftPlus system was activated in Recman chain in October 2013. It was the best trade period for new promotion activities. Thanks to the above the system was completely ready and well known to the staff during the Christmas period.

When changing the sales management system in 2015, GiftPlus was integrated with the NTSwincash sales system of Commit Polska Sp. z o.o. from Rzeszów.
Still in 2015, Recman made it possible for its Customers to process payments in Internet shop using gift cards through the Gift Pay module.

2015 was also the period of intensive co-operation between AC Solutions and Recman working on a new concept of a customised loyalty system based on LoyaltyPlus. The result of this work is a comprehensive business and technical analysis of the system prepared in the SRS report.