AC Solutions

Sopot, a part of the Tri-city conurbation, is a coastal tourist resort that has earned the status of a spa place. Since its residents frequently are in minority in their own town when the tourist season is in full swing, the authorities of this popular health resort decided to favour Sopot’s inhabitants as hosts. The Municipality proposed to them, free of charge, Sopot Cards that entitle their owners to a series of privileges and discounts including cultural events and visits to restaurants. One of the privileges is a free entry to the Sopot Pier.

Although the project in Sopot has been functioning for a few years, the card used to be a paper one and the database management was not in tune with the growing interest.

Sopot Authorities mainly expected AC Solutions team to create an easy and clear tool, accessible through a web browser, to order cards. The tool was supposed to collect the necessary data for the issue of the cards and transfer the order for the production of the cards directly to ArgoCard. The task for the company has also been to properly secure and manage the sensitive data of the residents of Sopot.
The Municipality staff have also received the reporting module granting access to the statistics of the project.

The objective for the Authorities of Sopot was to initiate the project on September 01, 2014 and it happened so. The preparation of the tool had taken 8 weeks including the analytical phase.

From the time perspective the project has been a success because according to the Municipality, each resident of Sopot possesses the Sopot Card.