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In May, 2015, following the request of the Polish Association of Gift Card Issuers (PSEKP), PBS from Sopot conducted a survey of the Gift Cards Market in Poland. The objective of the survey was getting answers to the following questions:

• Do Poles know what a gift card is and do they use it?
• Who receives gift cards most often and who are the givers?
• On what occasions are gift cards purchased most often?
• What factors make the buyer decide a gift card?

The survey covered 1000 Poles of 15 years old and above.

In order to demonstrate how the awareness about gift cards has changed for the past 5 years, the results of the survey have been compared with those of the surveys of 2010 and 2011.
The key conclusion following the survey and the analysis of its results was the observation that Polish people more often and more willingly use this convenient form of a gift. In comparison with 2011, the percentage of people who have ever presented or received a gift card has increased by 44 points.

The awareness itself of the possibility of using a gift card as a present amounted to 46% against 38% in 2011.

Residents of towns and cities, with the net income over 2500 PLN, are definitely the biggest fans of gift cards. This result seems logical since the trading outlets of Issuers are located in middle size and large cities where the average income is decidedly higher than in other areas of Poland.

Detailed information concerning the survey and its results may be found on the website of PSEKP.