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GiftPlus is a computer system that facilitates comprehensive and efficient management of gift cards utilising the advantages of the Internet and network infrastructure.
Thanks to its versatility, carefully designed architecture and the Software as a Service formula, GiftPlus enables simultaneous operation of an unlimited number of POSs and handling of an unlimited number of gift cards.
Depending on the needs of an Issuer, the functionality of a gift card may be adjusted to that Issuer’s individual business objectives. 



A gift card is an electronic equivalent of a voucher (retail certificate). It provides its owner (user) the possibility of redeeming it in an outlet, both real and virtual, of a given Issuer, up to the value allocated to the card.
Typically, a gift card is offered to customers as a gift package that can consist of an elegant case with a plastic card, a plastic card attached to a letter carrier inserted into an addressed envelope or any other printing solution prepared in accordance with your wish.

A gift card may be of single or multiple use, i.e. it may possess the functionality of a typical paper voucher, however, the advantage of this type of gift lies in the fact that it may be used several times up to the value of its balance.
A gift card may have a pre-determined value or it may be topped up with any amount. Frequently, one may come across gift cards that contain their value already in the graphic design of the obverse. Some issuers place the value on the cards carrier, as well. In case of issuers offering luxury goods they resign from cards marked in that way.
Recently, gift cards without specified face value and offering the possibility of topping up with any amount enabled the Issuers one very important function expected by Issuers, i.e. the return of goods. The compensation of the value for the product that has been returned takes place by topping up the gift card to the amount equal to the value of the returned goods.

A gift card can have any configured time of validity. For the purpose of the final settlement of its balance, it is highly recommended for a gift card to have a limited validity period. Although Polish Customers are used to gift cards with the validity period of 12 months, there is a growing tendency among Issuers to release cards that are valid from three months to even three years.

A gift card allows for processing of an unlimited number of transactions. As regards the administration of gift cards the following procedures can take place: card activation, annulment and topping up, making a payment, checking the card status and balance, checking the status of and cancelling a transaction. The GiftPlus system enables the deactivation of some procedures – no possibility of topping up the card or no extension of its validity period – in order to adjust the handling of the cards to the business objectives of the Issuer.

A gift card may be protected with an additional PIN code. The traditional chains increasingly conduct their sales through the Internet as well, offering various facilities that are available in normal shops. With growing tendency, an Issuer’s gift cards are accepted in its Internet shop as another form of payment. In order to protect the amount on the card accepted in the Internet shop, an additional four-digit PIN code, unknown to the seller when the card is sold, is placed on the card’s reverse under a scratch stripe.



GiftPlus, the system for the management of gift cards, provides immediate access to the history of transactions related to particular cards, POSs and individual members of the sales staff. Using the administrator’s panel, a user may easily generate lists and statistics in the form of predefined reports and by exporting any given list to XLS and CSV format.


The GiftPlus System was prepared in order to meet the expectations of Issuers with varied business profiles. The System is prepared both for sales outlets, where building the rapport with a Customer is of importance, and for discount networks, where Customer service time is essential.

To meet such a requirement, the cashier’s interface may be prepared by:
• making the System available within the WWW browser,
• integrating the System with the payment terminal,
• direct integration with the sales System.


The guarantee of high level security of the system and of the stored data is Argo Card’s contribution resulting from many years of experience as regards the personalisation of plastic cards. Since its inception, Argo Card has been developing its competences regarding the appropriate safeguarding of the personal data that it has been processing and storing.
At present we possess well protected cutting edge server infrastructure, very strict and thorough security policy as well as experienced personnel.
Security at the level of the GiftPlus System is assured by an adequately configured and scaled range of access for the users reflecting their rank within the organisation of an Issuer.


The GiftPlus System philosophy is based on the Software as a Service formula. This is a concept based on cloud computing that enables access to a comprehensive and safe management of gift cards thanks to an extensively developed and highly secured server infrastructure.
Such attitude makes it possible to limit the Customer’s investment in equipment and software down to one computer with Internet access.
Through a web browser a Customer gets access to the System without any limit related to time and regardless of location.

 The main reason behind providing the GiftPlus service to an Issuer is decreasing the costs of the offered solution by the following:
• no investment into advanced hardware infrastructure and the resources necessary for its operation,
• no need for expensive modernisation of equipment and software update,
• fast “implementation” of the system – the solution requires only an appropriate configuration on the side of the provider, testing the communication and training the personnel,
• no installation of any additional software needed to be performed in the computers of the Customer,
• the Customer always uses the most up-to-date and stable software version,
• all data is digitally and physically protected in accordance with the highest standards.


In order to provide the Issuer with the most appropriate solution for the administration and management of gift cards, the GiftPlus System can be extended by additional modules. At present the following extensions are available:
• Customer’s Module,
• GiftPay Payments System,
• Designer – Cards Designer,
• Blackhawk,
• eCodes.

The AC Solutions team is ready to meet the new expectations of Issuers and together extend the GiftPlus System with new functionalities, some of which will surely constitute the base for the creation of new modules – that was the philosophy behind the genesis of the modules offered at present. With such principles of co-operation in mind we adjust our System to the individual needs of our present and future Customers.