AC Solutions

Analysing ways of increasing loyalty of the customers, sooner or later, each company decides to implement a Loyalty Programme. GiftPlus may be the first phase of and the platform to activate Loyalty Plus, an advanced Loyalty System.
LoyaltyPlus is an Issuer’s loyalty programmes management tool that considers individual needs and objectives of a marketing action, the specificity of the Issuer and the structure of the campaign’s addressees.

Depending on the Customer’s requirements, the System may cover such areas as:
• the archive of all programme participants,
• discount rules management,
• predefined boxes describing a Customer,
• data analysis in accordance with any set parameters,
• communication via email and SMS,
• Customer’s purchase history,
• Customers’ registration through the application, a website or a paper form.

Owing to its wide profile of activity, Argo Card guarantees completeness of the loyalty system supplied to a Customer complementing it with the following:
• manufacture and personalisation of loyalty cards,
• matching and dispatching loyalty packages,
• inputting and archiving data from registration forms,
• the administration of events connected with the correction and removal of personal data of loyalty programme participants,
• extension of a loyalty programme in accordance with the needs of the Customer.

Due to the very individual character of the tool and also highly varied expectations of Customers a Pre-implementation Analysis is recommended each time for the appropriate preparation of the implementation of LoyaltyPlus.