AC Solutions

Our Personalisation and Mailing Centre, occupying the area of 3000 m2, was designed to meet the most stringent safety criteria specified in international standards and by certification bodies. Moreover, taking into consideration the safety of data entrusted to us by our Customers, we applied the relevant national requirements with particular regard to the compliance with the Act on Personal Data Protection of August 29, 1997.

Data security and products security is ensured by varied and multi-level protection and monitoring systems. These include the following, to name a few:

• access to all rooms is supervised by access control system,
• 12 zones of limited access with staff movement monitoring,
• 25 CCTV cameras provide continuous visual observation of rooms that is recorded 24/day,
• one-way mantraps,
• all day long physical protection of the premises,
• the cutting edge anti-virus and anti-spy software,
• physically separated computer network,
• strictly applied security policy.

When operating databases, the matter of their security is of key importance for us.
Licensed specialist software, adapted to the needs and requirements of Customers, is used by AC Solutions personnel in the creation of database handling applications.