AC Solutions

GiftPlus was prepared to meet the expectations of Issuers with varied business profiles. The System is prepared both for sales outlets where building the rapport with a Customer is of importance and for discount networks where Customer service time is essential.

To meet such a requirement, the user’s interface operated by cashiers may be prepared by:
• making the System available within the WWW browser,
• integrating the System with the payment terminal,
• direct integration with the sales System.


Additionally, Argo Card has prepared and documented PGC and API, two original types of communication interface, whose objective is to ensure the possibility of communication between the GiftPlus system and other IT tools accepting this method of data exchange. This may be already mentioned sales system, an Internet shop as well as the system of payment services vendor, an accounting system or BI.
The functionality of the protocols may be expanded depending on the needs of the Customer or the transaction system provider.
Currently, the GiftPlus system co-operates directly with such sales systems as KC-Firma (Kucharscy), HiperMarket (NET Innovation Software Spółka z o.o.), NTSwincash (Commit Polska Sp. z o.o.), PC-Market (Insoft Sp. z o.o.) and with the gift card distribution system of Blackhawk Network Inc.