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In case the Issuer’s expectations related to the System’s functionality go beyond its standard capabilities we will be only too willing to help you create a customised marketing tool.

The best way to perform such an enterprise it the execution of a Pre-implementation Analysis. This Analysis is intended to review the current System and organisation of the Issuer’s business and next, together with the representatives of the Issuer, to design an efficient, tailored tool perfectly executing objectives presented to the System.
The Pre-implementation Analysis includes two phases: Business Analysis and System Analysis.

Business Analysis covers defining the needs of the organisation related to the System, business analysis of the proposed solution and the assessment of the solution in relation to the capabilities of the organisation. In case the project concerns modernisation, replacement or extension of the functionality of the present solution, there is a possibility of performing the assessment of the system by its current participants and the review of how the system executes its objectives. Business Analysis contains a detailed description of the system users, business objects, processes and rules.

The next phase is the system’s functional design, i.e. System Analysis. The Analysis contains the description of modules and their functionalities, module use manuals and special requirements. System Analysis also determines the users’ interface and the external communication interface.
Pre-implementation Analysis concludes as a report, prepared in compliance with the international SRS standard, containing project’s business and technical description, the implementation schedule and final cost-evaluation as the basis for Argo Card to deliver and activate the System while you will have a tool for an easy commissioning of the works.